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@mayorofsalford Thanks for following! When you need a little peace and tranquility, you know where to come #kersaldale #Salford 🙂

— Friends Kersal Dale (@KersalDale) March 21, 2013


Next Friends of Kersal Dale mtg 21 Nov 2012

Just a reminder that the next friends group meeting will be on November 21st, 6pm at the Star Inn on Back Hope Street.

Hope to see you there!

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Internet update

We are now on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

I’m actually updating the website from the WordPress app on my mobile phone. I can even set it to post a blog at a later date – great for reminders!

I can also access emails from my phone too relating to all the sites and keep up with new friends on the go.

We’re building a network of friends from people who volunteer on action days at the park, walk in the park, promote healthy living or develop arts in the community.

Please feel free to follow the links and join in.

Steve Cunio

Action Days at Kersal Dale

I just found this lurking on my computer.  Dates for your diary in October and November! 🙂

Action Days at Kersal DaleSee you there!

Steve 🙂


New Map Page added to this site

Check out the new Map Page showing the area of Kersal Dale and the regular meeting point for events outside Garden Needs.

More locations of interest can be added as we go along.

Get to the map page via the menu bar at the top of every page.

Steve 🙂


Friends of Kersal Dale YouTube Channel

We now have a Friends of Kersal Dale YouTube Channel so why not head over, take a look and leave a video response with your videos of the Dale?

See you soon!
Steve 🙂