Bat Walk in Kersal Dale

The date Saturday, 8 September 2012.

An arbitrary band of Bat People lead by Gale from the Salford Rangers go out into the wilds of Kersal Dale to track down some bats.

Armed only with torches and bat detectors with ultrasonic microphones set to 45kHz they enter the depths of the Dale.

Two hundred yards in, next to the lightning blasted tree the detectors of the youngest explorers begin to register.  The volume becomes louder as a bat swoops over our heads, midges being eaten in flight to excited squeals from the detective children.

The bat flies on and so do we.  Further on in a clearing we find another three diving in and out of the trees feasting on the wing.

We even picked up bats gliding above the River Irwell, another type who enjoy flying over rivers, clicking at a different level than those in the forest.

I wonder what the soundscape of the world would be like if we detected all the sounds and brought them into our hearing range…