Action Day, 21 Oct 2012 – Getting stuck in




Action Day Sun 21st Oct – free coffee!

This is what we’re up to this Sunday 10am-3pm taking a break for tea n coffee – there’s usually biscuits too!

Get out, get healthy, feel great this Sunday!

“We are keeping the paths open so cutting back encroaching vegetation, especially from the upper end of the site, and also do a bit of a clear up, maybe also some drainage work.” Gale, Ranger Team.

Come down and join us for a lively, friendly, day. Stay as long as you can. Everyone welcome.

Meeting as usual at Garden Needs – see map.

See you there!
Steve 🙂

New Calendar and Help Blogging pages

I’ve added a couple of new pages.

A Calendar page where you can check out the dates, times and details of upcoming events.

A Help Blogging page to assist invited authors sign up for a WordPress account and start posting to this blog.

Steve 🙂


Recycling boost for Salford

Better recycling for Salford. 🙂

News Manchester

Salford residents are being given more help to recycle to keep the city’s waste out of landfill.

The City Mayor agreed plans to approve investment to provide residents with better recycling facilities, including food waste caddies for their kitchens.

Better recycling could save the council up to £1 million per year, helping to protect other front line council services.

The new system will be rolled out in April 2013, initially to Irlam and Cadished, but eight weeks later across all of the city’s houses. Special arrangements for residents living in flats and apartments will be rolled out in September 2013.

Ahead of the scheme’s launch, traditional or terraced houses will be given either magenta-lidded bins or smaller food waste bins and food caddies with liners to recycle food waste and garden waste.

Food waste currently makes up almost a third of the average household bin, but much more can be…

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