Help Blogging

From time to time, we invite people we know well to become friends and bloggers.

If you’re invited to be a blogger you will receive an email like the one below.

Actually activating an account only takes a couple of minutes and requires no personal details.

These instructions are aimed at those without a current WordPress account who are invited to become blog authors.

When you receive your invite click the link to sign up for a account.

Invite to be a blogger

All you do is provide an email address, username, password and press Sign up.

Signup for WordPress account

The confirmation screens says to check your email

Confirmation screen

(Ignoring accept invitation in the original email)
Check your email and click the link in the new email to activate your account.

Emailed activate button

A new web page opens. Don’t click anything.

WordPress Welcome page

First things first.  Go back to the original email and click Accept Invitation.

Invite to be a blogger

As you have activated your account and are logged in, accepting the invitation takes you immediately to the Friends of Kersal Dale WordPress dashboard.

In the top left you will see the blog you are logged into

Top left welcome dashboard

Take time to have a look around.
Click the Profile tab to change how you appear on the blog.
Change any settings you like.  This is your dashboard to the blog.

Next setup your browser.  Click Tools, drag the Press This button to your bookmarks bar.  To share a web page with the Friends just click Press This and follow the instructions

Press This in Dashboard

Next, to automatically share your blog posts connect to your social media accounts

Dashboard sharing

Now you are setup and ready to create a New Post

Click Posts, Add New

New Post via Dashboard

Add your blog title in the top box, text and images in the lower area.

To the right

  • set the category for the post, 
  • type in tags for people to find the post and 
  • finally publish

Categorise, tag and publish

Mostly you will use Standard, Gallery or Image formats.
You can see the details of these formats here

If you add a link in your post always check the Open link in a new window/tab button.  That way our blog will always be just a tab away.

Open link in a new window or tab

Thanks and enjoy posting!  

If you have any queries please leave a comment below.

Steve 🙂


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